1045 Chrome Plated Bar

Short Description:

  • Material: Medium Carbon Steel Grade 1045
  • Coating: High-quality Chrome Plated
  • Features: High strength, Excellent machinability, Enhanced corrosion resistance, Smooth and polished surface, Improved wear and impact resistance
  • Applications: Hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, Rods, Slides, Shafts, and other precision applications where strength, smoothness, and corrosion resistance are critical.

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The 1045 chrome plated bar boasts a uniform, hard chrome layer that ensures long-lasting wear resistance and reliability in demanding industrial environments. Its precise dimensional tolerance and smooth surface finish improve seal performance, extending the service life of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. The steel’s inherent strength and the added durability from the chrome coating make it an excellent choice for applications requiring high load-bearing capacity and resistance to impact.

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